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Boston Trip

I was in Boston for a business trip recently. Sunday morning, I met my friend Jennifer for breakfast. Her day job is being an oncologist and Harvard professor, but she’s also passionate about wildlife and nature photography. She was leaving the next day for a two-week Alaska trip and agonizing about what equipment to take.

Sunday afternoon, I went to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play the Toronto Blue Jays.

I thought my seats were pretty good, but too bad the Sox gave up six runs in the first inning. It was a tough day.

On Thursday afternoon, I went to Gloucester to take a whale watching tour with Capt. Bill & Sons. Gloucester is near the top of this map, with Boston on the left. I used my new Dawn Technology GPS to geotag my images.

The first whale we saw, nicknamed “Etch-a-sketch”, was swimming around in circles creating a bubble net to trap fish. The birds, being clever, sat on the surface watching for the bubbles. When they saw them, they’d fly over and wait for the whale (and fish) to show up. So this made it easy for us to know when the whale was going to surface.

We saw several other whales, including whales that breached and slapped their fins and tails on the water…

After the whales, I drove back to Burlington, MA, and had dinner with my friend Dafna at Legal Seafood.