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Summer Trip Day Seven, Bodie State Historical Park


Today, I visited Bodie State Historical Park, north of Mono Lake and Lee Vining.  Bodie was a gold mining town and is now a ghost town.  There are still a couple of hundred building there.  Most are standing.  A few are falling down.

The image below is the interior of the stamp mill, where the ore was crushed into dust to make it easier to extract gold and silver.  (Shot at ISO 6400.)


You can peer into most of the buildings and see the lives that people left behind in Bodie.  Wallpaper falling down.  Clothes littering the floor…




I walked over to the town cemetery.  Many of the graves were from the heyday of Bodie.  And a few are more recent, of family members returned, perhaps, to where they grew up.


After I left Bodie, I returned to Yosemite.  The Grouse Creek fire continues to grow, and the haze in the valley is worse than when I was here a few days ago.    


Tomorrow marks the halfway point of my trip.