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Summer Trip Day Fourteen, Goldendale and White Salmon

I almost didn’t take any photos today.

I went for a hike at a state park near Goldendale.  (It was raining in the mountains, and Goldendale is far enough west that it’s in the rain shadow of Mount Hood.  Lots of sunny days.)

I didn’t see anything that inspired me, so I left the cameras in the backpack.

It was a nice walk in the woods, which let me do some thinking and clear my head.

When I came back to White Salmon, I remembered that I wanted to try some infrared shots of the old buildings on my friend Trish’s property.  So yes, I did take some photos today.

outbuildings(Click to enlarge.)

Tomorrow I head home.  In the next few days, I’ll have another blog post summarizing my thoughts about this trip.